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Caffeine Acts as a Powerful Antioxidant and Other Health Benefits of Coffee
For many, coffee is more than a beverage - it is a way of life. As we struggle to get out of bed and face the day, the seductive aroma of fresh brewed coffee awakens our senses and encourages us to power forward, anticipating the recharge that comes from that first cup of coffee. However, you may be surprised to learn that coffee has significant benefits beyond its ability to invigorate our body and spirit, thanks, in part, to antioxidants.
Quick & Easy Iced Coffee with the Aeropress
While a nice hot cup of coffee can be a nice warm treat on a winter morning, the same cup might be completely undesirable during a summer afternoon. Iced coffee is very easy to make with the AeroPress® coffee maker. The Aeropress brews a delicious cup of iced coffee very quickly, and for only about $25.
Inverted Aeropress Brewing Makes Better Coffee
We consider inverted or upside down Aeropress brewing to be the best way to make coffee with your Aeropress. The coffee that this method produces tastes better, let us tell you why!
Can You Really Make Espresso with the Aeropress?
The Aeropress makes its claim that it is in fact a coffee AND espresso maker. This fact can and is argued by coffee purists. Espresso fanatics are quick to point out that while the Aeropress makes a strong, concentrated coffee blend, it is not quite an espresso brew by definition.
How to Make Crema with the Aeropress
One of the main qualities of espresso is the creamy foam called crema which is produced when espresso is brewed. The Aeropress is commonly praised as the best press coffee and espresso maker. We did an article on creating espresso with the Aeropress and the biggest difference between an espresso maker and the Aeropress is that the Aeropress doesn’t normally create crema. It is, however, doable. Read to find out how.
Best Water Temperature When Brewing with Aeropress
This may seem like a picky issue to some, but to those who are looking for the best brew they can get from their Aeropress (or even any other alternative coffee maker) the water temperature used to brew is important.
How to Brew with the Aeropress
Brewing with the Aeropress is so simple and easy that anyone can do it. The idea is that coffee grounds are placed in the chamber of the Aeropress where hot water is added. The mixture is then plunged, leaving the grounds behind and extracting a wonderfully brewed cup of coffee.