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Stainless Steel Aeropress Filter

Aeropress Filters

Aeropress Filters

Aeropress filters are simple little paper or steel disks which are inserted into the cap. The coffee grounds are then poured into the cylinder, on top of the filter, and pressed.

There are two variations of these filters.

Paper Filters
These come with your coffee maker and are by far the most common type of filter used. These filters are cheap and effective. You can get replacement filters by the hundreds very cheap.

Steel Filters
These are the newest, latest and greatest accessory for your Aeropress. These metal filters are an effective and reusable filter system for the Aeropress. You can get one filter and never have to worry about buying filters again. There are many happy users and these filters are just as effective as paper filters. Find out more info about steel filters here.

Stainless Steel Filter

Aeropress steel filter

Aeropress Steel Filters

Aeropress steel filter

One of the biggest features of the Aeropress is how quick and easy it is to use and clean. Paper filters are the only disposable part of the coffee brewing process. If you don’t want to bother with paper filters anymore then a stainless steel filter is a perfect replacement solution.

The biggest questions raised about the steel filter is about the performance. Does it perform as well as a paper filter? Is the mesh fine enough to stop even fine grinds from entering your coffee? The answer is basically yes!

Most users who switch from paper filters are happy with the performance of the steel mesh. The only downside seems to be that these filters might not block out as much oil as paper filters. The mesh is small enough to prevent your coffee from turning to sludge even when using a finely ground coffee with the Aeropress. The perfect fit of the stainless filter does reduce the chance of an edge of the filter slipping, causing grounds to enter your cup.

Overall this is the perfect accessory for those who are fed up with paper filters. Find out more about the steel filter and where you can get one.

There are a couple different steel filter manufacturers for the AeroPress, our favorite is the S Filter (see latest price at Amazon.com).