Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee

Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee

Have you grown tired of your good ole cup of joe and want to jazz it up a bit? You are in luck, heavy whipping cream can give a whole new meaning to a cup of satisfying brewed coffee. Heavy whipping cream is popularly used for cooking and baking as well as to prep up iced beverages. It is made from the high-fat portion of fresh milk and when fresh milk is left to stand, it is the heavy cream that you see rising to the top which can be scraped off. 

Heavy whipping cream in coffee: Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to use or place heavy whipping cream in coffee. Coffee lovers who tend to get bored with milk or creamer opt to use heavy whipping cream in their coffee. There are no bad health effects if you use heavy whipping cream in coffee as long as you consume it in moderation. 

Heavy whipping cream enhances the flavor and texture of coffee as well as nutritional content. To fully enjoy the full coffee flavor, coffee experts recommend drinking your coffee black with no other additions. 

Why use heavy whipping cream in coffee?

Some people use it on their coffee because of the enhanced flavor and because it cuts out the bitterness. Other coffee lovers state that they use heavy whipping cream in coffee because it adds body or texture. It smooths out a cup of brew, gives it a soft feeling and boosts the taste. Most importantly, using it on your coffee could save you from using too much sugar because heavy whipping cream already has a natural sweetness.

Popular ways to put heavy whipping cream in coffee

Here are  popular ways to put heavy whipping cream in coffee:

1. Espresso shot with whipping cream 

Simply brew a shot of espresso, add heavy whipping cream on top and you may also add some sugar if you prefer a sweeter espresso. 

2. Frappe coffee

A common and well-loved coffee drink with whipped cream that is popular especially during summertime. Simply mix a shot of espresso, milk, sugar and ice cubes into a blender and blend well until smooth. Add heavy whipping cream on top as well as caramel or chocolate syrup to complete the fun!

3. Irish coffee

It is considered a popular coffee cocktail with heavy whipping cream. To prepare, mix some sugar with your coffee, add the whiskey and pour whipped cream on top. 

To add whipping cream to your coffee like a pro, whip the heavy cream until soft peaks start to form. Next, pour it over the back of a spoon to form it on the top of your coffee so that it will look extra foamy. You may also add some vanilla extract to the heavy whipping cream for extra flavor. 

Can heavy whipping cream in coffee make you fat?

No, heavy whipping cream in coffee does not make you fat unless you consume it more than the usual amount. According to health experts and coffee enthusiasts, while heavy cream has at least 35 to 38% fat content, it does not make it unhealthy. Dairy fats can help with gastrointestinal health and you could stave off your food craving by settling on coffee topped with heavy whipping cream. Studies also show that natural fats are a needed nutrient and cutting it out of your diet could make things worse instead of helping with weight loss. 

Heavy whipping cream also contains very little lactose, a type of sugar found in milk. Heavy cream is naturally low in cream since it is made by skimming off the fatty liquid on top of milk. A half-ounce of heavy cream only has five grams of lactose and it is not enough to cause health issues in lactose-intolerant coffee drinkers. 

If you are a fan of the keto diet, you have a reason to rejoice! Heavy whipping cream has high fat and low carb content which makes it ideal for keto diet fans. However, since it is high in calories, you have to monitor closely how much heavy whipping cream you consume regularly.

A recommended amount of heavy whipping cream in coffee is about one and a half ounces for more or less 16 ounces of coffee. However, you can always adjust according to your personal preference and taste. 


Iced coffee like frappuccino commonly uses heavy whipping cream to add zest and flavor but it is also added even in hot coffee like an espresso macchiato. Heavy whipping cream in coffee enhances the flavor and texture of coffee and also ideal for keto diet fans. It can save you from using too much sugar and if used in moderation it can also contribute health benefits for your well-being. 

Image: istockphoto.com / Winston Gambatto