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Decaf Frappuccino Starbucks

Decaf Frappuccino Starbucks

If you like Starbucks products but cannot tolerate drinks with high caffeine content, opt for decaf frappuccino variants. These are highly-sweetened iced and blended drinks but with little or no caffeine at all and are usually creme-based. Decaf frappuccino drinks also have flavored syrups and topped with whipped cream or spices. What are the decaf

Does Decaf Coffee Have Less Acid

Does Decaf Coffee Have Less Acid?

Most coffee lovers want their coffee strong, rich and flavorful. However, certain adjustments may have to be done if you are suffering from acid reflux, heartburn and other stomach issues. A good alternative for coffee fans is decaffeinated coffee which contains less caffeine, about 7 mg per 8-ounce cup. Most of the caffeine in decaf

How Long Do Nespresso Pods Last?

How Long Do Nespresso Pods Last?

Are you an avid Nespresso user? Coffee lovers who use Nespresso machines have their personal favorites when it comes to its coffee blends. Nespresso pods are sold exclusively by Nespresso and the company currently sells 28 various Original Line arabica and robusta capsules with a limited edition released seasonally. However, certain refillable and third-party capsules

Best Espresso Beans for Crema

Best Espresso Beans for Crema

Coffee lovers have their personal favorites when it comes to their cup of joe. Some adore lattes or cappuccinos while some brave hearts will opt for espresso, a concentrated coffee form that is served in small and strong shots. Espresso fans are aware that the crema is just as important as the espresso itself. Crema

Strongest Drink At Starbucks

Strongest Drink At Starbucks

Any certified coffee fan around the world has most likely been to a Starbucks coffee shop. This American multinational company of coffee houses and roastery reserves with headquarters at Seattle, Washington has been adjudged as the world’s largest coffee chain. Everyone has their drink favorites at Starbucks but if you want to be wide awake

Bialetti Musa vs Venus

Bialetti Musa vs. Venus

If you are a certified espresso lover, you do not want to miss your Moka pot for the world. This stovetop or electric coffee maker brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through the coffee grounds. It comes in various models and designs to fit various tastes and preferences. In this article, let

Nespresso C121 vs D121

Nespresso C121 vs D121

Whipping up some great-tasting coffee is effortless with a Nespresso machine.  It is an automatic and convenient espresso machine without any hassle as it only requires you to place a capsule and push a button. Nespresso’s CitiZ line of coffee makers features reprogrammable espresso cup sizes. In this article, let us compare the Nespresso C121

Freedom Clip Alternative

Freedom Clip Alternative

Do you have a Keurig 2.0 machine but you prefer other brands of pods aside from Keurig branded K-cups? You are in luck because of innovations like the Freedom Clip. Just place this clip in the brewer and it will read all K-cup type pods as authorized K-cups. Aside from this product, there are other

What Coffee Does Starbucks Use For Cold Brew?

What Coffee Does Starbucks Use For Cold Brew?

It is hard to resist an ice-filled cold brew especially in hot weather. Perhaps you have always wanted to make your version of cold brew at home that replicates the ones offered by popular coffee shops. Confused about how to go about it? Hop on and let us get to know the secrets of a

Spice Grinder Vs. Coffee Grinder

Spice Grinder Vs. Coffee Grinder

Were you planning to buy a coffee grinder but you were appalled by the expensive cost?  A spice grinder is the next best alternative as it is affordable and performs a similar purpose. But can you actually use a spice grinder in place of a coffee grinder?  Spice grinder vs. coffee grinder: What are the

How Many Coffee Beans Per Cup?

How Many Coffee Beans Per Cup?

The ideal ratio of coffee to water is not easy to achieve. In this article, let us have a closer look at how to measure coffee beans and how many coffee beans per cup are needed to come up with the perfect brew.  How many coffee beans per cup? You need around 0.38 ounces or

How Much Ground Coffee Should I Use?

How Much Ground Coffee Should I Use?

As a general rule, you should use one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. This is the so-called “golden ratio” when it comes to making a cup of coffee.  The six-ounce measure of water is equivalent to one cup for a standard coffee maker. If you are a mug-of-coffee-drinker

The Best Aeropress Accessories

The Best Aeropress Accessories

If you are a coffee lover, Aeropress should be on your top list of must-haves. This manual coffeemaker can brew highly concentrated espresso-style coffaee and cold brew coffee. It consists of a cylindrical chamber along with a plunger that has an airtight silicone seal that looks like a syringe. Aeropress works by steeping ground coffee

Best Coffee Maker with Grinder – top pics and guide 2018

If you’ve looked around for more than five minutes at coffee makers online, there’s no doubt you’ve discovered that there are a lot of coffee makers out there. The sheer volume of pages written about these coffee brewers on the internet is enough to break down any under-caffeinated seeker. We understand your pain, so we’ve developed this guide to help you find the right coffee maker that fits your unique needs and circumstances.

Coffee pods and beans

Coffee Pods & Capsules

Coffee pods and capsules have risen to popularity in the past few years. A coffee pod or capsule is basically an amount of coffee held within a small container. The container is then entered into the coffee maker and brewed. The simplicity and ease of use of a single pop of coffee brewed with little to no cleanup is something that consumers all over the world have fell in love with. This article will help you discover all about pods, capsules, and how to choose between the two.

Siphon/Vacuum Coffee Makers: A Complete Guide

The plethora of brewing methods out there is staggering. Among the more interesting brewing methods falls the siphon or vacuum brewing method. These coffee makers are often referred to as siphon pots, siphon brewers, vacpots, vacuum brewers or similar. They all have one thing in common, and that is the method of drawing water up, through the coffee grounds, then back down as a clean cup of coffee. This article will take you through everything you need to know about siphon pots.

French Press

Aeropress vs French Press

We took a good look at the french press and the Aeropress. Yes they both press, but is one better than the other? Read to find out.

Aeropress is BPA Free

BPA or Bisphenol A is a chemical which behaves similar to hormones in your body such as estrogen. BPA is used in the manufacture of products such as water bottles, baby bottles, dental fillings, medical devices, dental devices, eyeglass lenses, DVDs/CDs, sporting equipment and electronics.

Temperature Controlled Electric Kettles

We take utmost care when brewing our coffee with the Aeropress. We love good tasting coffee and we know you do too. As you know, the little details in your cup of coffee can make the difference. Beyond perfecting your own Aeropress brewing method, we want to give you the tools you need to cover every aspect of brewing with your Aeropress, one of them being the temperature of the water. So this leaves the question of how do you bring your water to the perfect temperature quickly and easily? Our answer is a temperature controlled electric kettle!

Coffee Maker Alternatives to the Aeropress

It is obvious that we love the Aeropress for its simplicity and the great coffee it delivers. Even though it is a great coffee maker, it might not be the coffee maker for you. So you are looking for a simplistic coffee maker with a press design, but the Aeropress is not up your alley? Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of similar coffee makers that will be sure to make your next cup of coffee a delicious one.


Steam Free Hand Milk Frother

We are a fan of all things simple here at Aeropress Aerobie. We recently gave the Norpro Glass Frother a try and boy are we excited to tell you about it. If you haven’t read our article on the Aerolatte Milk Frother then you might not know it, but we are a big fan of steam free milk frothers.

Stainless Steel Aeropress Filter

Aeropress Filters

Aeropress filters are simple little paper or steel disks which are inserted into the cap. The coffee grounds are then poured into the cylinder, on top of the filter, and pressed. There are two variations of these filters.

Aeropress steel filter

Aeropress Steel Filters

One of the biggest features of the Aeropress is how quick and easy it is to use and clean. Paper filters are the only disposable part of the coffee brewing process. If you don’t want to bother with paper filters anymore then a stainless steel filter is a perfect replacement solution.

Aeropress Replacement Parts

he Aeropress has quite a few parts which can wear out or be easily lost. Finding yourself without a necessary part or just needing extra filters because you are running low is pretty common. Replacement parts and filters are very inexpensive.

Aeropress Coffee Suggestions

If you have used a french press before, then you are in for a similar experience when it comes to your coffee selection and grinding when using your Aeropress. Aside from using your favorite freshly roasted beans, the following will help you prepare the best coffee you can.

Aerolatte Steam Free Milk Frother

If you already know all about the Aeropress, then you know that it makes anywhere from 1 to 4 shots of espresso strength coffee. This is perfect if you want an Americano, but what if you want a latte or cappuccino? The Aerolatte milk frother is the perfect choice! This device allows you to make the perfect frothed milk to add to your coffee.

Aeropress Review

The Aeropress by Aerobie Coffee Maker is a popular variation to a french press coffee maker. The Aeropress could be described as an inverted french press. The coffee is brewed in the top chamber of the Aeropress and then pressed down through the filter and directly into your cup.

Aeropress Aerobie

The Aeropress by Aerobie (the makers of the famous Aerobie frisbee disk) is a uniquely simple coffee maker. The concept is part syringe – part french press. It may look confusing at first, but is easily explained and fun to use! You will be alarmed by the delicious coffee that comes from such an unassuming ‘machine’.