Bialetti Musa vs. Venus

Bialetti Musa vs. Venus

If you are a certified espresso lover, you do not want to miss your Moka pot for the world. This stovetop or electric coffee maker brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through the coffee grounds. It comes in various models and designs to fit various tastes and preferences. In this article, let us compare the Bialetti Musa vs. Bialetti Venus Moka pot and discuss their differences, similarities and features. 

Bialetti Musa 

The Bialetti Musa has an elegant and refined look that goes well with your kitchen and dining decors. It is manufactured by Bialetti Industries which was founded by Alfredo Bialetti and is a maker of coffee machines and cookware. 

The Musa comes in four, six and 10 cup sizes. The four-cup size has an approximate height of seven inches and a width of 3.5 inches. The six-cup size has an approximate height of 7.8 inches and a width of four inches while the 10-cup size has an approximate height of nine inches and a width of 4.5 inches. The Carafe type is Moka. 

If you are using it for the first time, be sure to wash all parts in hot water first. As mentioned, it is not dishwasher-safe. Throw away the first three brews and do not use the handle while unscrewing as it may break off. 

Pros and cons 


  • It is stylish.
  • It is easy to clean and use. 
  • It is made of durable stainless steel. 
  • It makes delicious espresso coffee despite the minimal expertise.


  • It is quite heavy for backpacking and travel. 
  • It has an odd shape that may not be too ideal for travelers.

To make espresso coffee with the Bialetti Musa, follow these steps:

  1. Pour water up to just below the safety valve level. Do not overfill as the air is what heats and forces water. An overfilled water tank could result in a bitter or burnt coffee taste.
  2. Next, insert the funnel. 
  3. Fill the tunnel loosely with espresso ground coffee but do not press it down. 
  4. Be sure to screw the top section firmly to the base.
  5. Place the pot on the stove and turn to low or medium heat. If you are using a gas stove, adjust the flame so it won’t reach the side of the pot.
  6. Finally, coffee is ready to serve after three to six minutes and this will depend on the size of the pot and heat intensity. 
  7. Remove from the heat once the pot is full. Do not put on full heat so the coffee won’t have a burnt taste and do not allow it to boil. 
  8. Once you have transferred the coffee, disassemble and handwash in warm water.

Bialetti Venus 

The Bialetti Venus is also manufactured by Bialetti Industries. It has a sleek and contemporary design along with an ergonomic heat-resistant handle just like the Musa. Its functional and basic style is enhanced by its practical drip-proof spout. 

This model is designed by Guido Bergna and available in two, four, six and 10-cup sizes. It works fast on induction cookers, more or less 2.5 minutes while on gas cookers it takes five minutes to brew coffee.  The six-cup size has a height of 7.7 inches with a width of 3.7 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds. The carafe type is Moka just like with the Bialetti Musa.

Before you use your Bialetti Venus for the first time, remove all labels and packaging. Make sure to hand wash all the parts with soapy water and rinse them thoroughly to remove any residue. 

Pros and cons 


  • It has an aesthetically pleasing design. 
  • It is easy to hold and pour because of the ergonomic handle. 
  • It is made of durable and food-grade stainless steel. 
  • It pours nicely and does not spill. 


  • It tends to gather dirt easily in the crevices.
  • It has some design flaws.

To make flavorful espresso coffee with your Bialetti Venus, follow these steps:

  1. First, place cold water on the lower chamber just below the valve.
  2. Insert the funnel and place ground espresso coffee. Remove any grounds on the funnel’s edge. 
  3. Screw the upper part of the pot tightly in its base and avoid using the handle for leverage. 
  4. If you are using a gas stovetop, see to it that the flame is not larger than the bottom of the pot and must not come around the sides. The burner size should fit snugly in the pot’s bottom.  
  5. Once the water boils and coffee starts to come out of the center post you will hear a gurgling sound. 
  6. Remove the pot from the stove once its top is full of coffee. Foam will appear just seconds before the coffee is done. 
  7. Finally, stir in the upper chamber with a small spoon to equalize the flavors before you pour the coffee.  

Here are some tips on how to clean the Bialetti Venus:

  • Always hand wash the pot with warm water. 
  • Dry it well with a towel. 
  • Reassemble the product only when you are certain that all the parts are completely dry. 
  • Do not use soap or detergent and do not use it in a dishwasher as mentioned earlier. 
  • Do not use abrasive materials such as steel wool when cleaning the pot.

Bialetti Musa Vs. Venus 

The Bialetti Musa and Venus are both Moka pot models and the only evident difference between them is the design or style and shape. Some coffee fans also note that there is a slight difference in the gauge of the steel used for its construction. There seems to be a small contrast when it comes to price based on price information posted on various sites. 

Both the Bialetti Musa and Venus coffee pot models are renowned for their elegant and sleek designs. They are made of food-grade stainless steel, have heat-resistant handles and produce the superior quality espresso coffee. The only difference between them is their design, style and shape but they are similarly popular for their elegance and convenience.

These two Moka pot models share a lot of similarities since they both work the same way and produce the same coffee quality. Both models work on gas, electric, induction and stovetops. They also both feature heat-resistant handles with an extra-wide reach but both of them are not dishwasher safe according to information gathered from the Bialetti website.

Our choice:  Bialetti Venus


Choose Bialetti Musa if:

  • You like a quick cup of flavorful coffee with minimal effort. 
  • You are fond of coffee makers that need minimal cleanup.

Choose Bialetti Venus if:

  • If you are fond of ergonomic designs. 
  • If you do not mind some design flaws so long as the coffee maker is convenient to use.

Image: / Alberto Grosso