Strongest Drink At Starbucks

Strongest Drink At Starbucks

Any certified coffee fan around the world has most likely been to a Starbucks coffee shop. This American multinational company of coffee houses and roastery reserves with headquarters at Seattle, Washington has been adjudged as the world’s largest coffee chain. Everyone has their drink favorites at Starbucks but if you want to be wide awake and active, aim for the strongest drinks which we will get to know better in this article.

Here is a list of the strongest drink at Starbucks:

1. Clover brewed coffee 

Caffeine content: 280 mg per 12 ounces

Clover brewed coffee 
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This Starbucks drink has been offered since 2007 and brewed by using the Clover machine which utilizes the innovative Vacuum-Press technology. The process involves lowering the stainless steel filter into the brew chamber. The hot water is added at a specific temperature to brew coffee for a certain length of time. 

The brewing process is the same as with the French press except that it is done by the automatic brewing system in the Clover machine. Time and temperature are controlled digitally to ensure a perfect cup of joe with a well-executed balance, depth of flavor and rich aroma.  

Clover brewed coffee is Starbucks’ strongest coffee since its caffeine content of 280 mg is almost double the caffeine content of a regular Americano in a tall-sized cup which has a caffeine content of 150 mg per 12 ounces. While it is the majority’s choice as the strongest coffee, it is also popular because of its unique taste. This is because the beans used for the Clover brewing system are unique and come in limited quantities compared to those used for other methods.

2. Blonde roast brewed coffee 

Caffeine content:  270 mg per 12 ounces

This is a crowd favorite because of its outstanding flavor.  It is one of Starbucks’ light roast coffee and a mixture of coffee beans from East Africa and South America. It is roasted lightly at a cinnamon roasting level and this second strongest drink at Starbucks has a nuttier taste, less bitter but more acidic compared to other roasts. Unfortunately, you cannot find this drink at just about any Starbucks store in America. Enjoy it on its own or while mixed with milk, cream or flavor syrups. 

3. Pike Place roast brewed coffee 

Caffeine content:  235 msg per 12 ounces

This coffee roast is commemorative of the place where Starbucks’ first store opened, the Pike Place Market. Unlike the blonde roast, it is available in just about any Starbucks store because it is their signature blend. 

4. Nitro cold brew 

Caffeine content – 215 mg per 12 ounces

Nitro cold brew
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This coffee drink is a popular choice among Starbucks regulars, especially during summertime. It looks like a light glass of Guinness beer that has a dark brown color. Nitro cold brew is infused with nitrogen to achieve a smooth and creamy texture. Starbucks baristas perfect the pour by pulling the tap and allowing the strong drink to mix with nitrogen for a rare coffee experience. The coffee drink is taken cold out of the tap and served without ice and sweeteners. 

5. Nitro cold brew with sweet cream/ Nitro cold brew with cascara cold foam 

Caffeine content – 200 mg per 12 ounces 

Nitro cold brew with sweet cream
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These are two variations of the nitro cold brew due to its popularity and customer demand. These variations are the perfect brew for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth. The amount of coffee is reduced because of the add-on ingredients which are cascara cold foam or sweet cream) and the caffeine content is lower than the original nitro cold brew version. Nevertheless, it is still considered among the strongest drink at the renowned coffee shop. 

6. Starbucks dark roast coffee

Caffeine content –  195 mg per 12 ounces 

Starbucks dark roast coffee
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This coffee drink is ideal for coffee enthusiasts who are into bold and robust flavors. It has less acidity, is bitter and gives you a lingering aftertaste. 

7. Starbucks blonde caffe Americano 

Caffeine content – 170 mg per 12 ounces

This coffee drink is the only espresso-based one among the list of strongest drinks at Starbucks. This is made by topping hot water on top of two espresso shots.  Blonde roast or light roast is used instead of medium roast since it makes the drink sweeter and smoother.  Despite its lighter taste, it has high caffeine content which could pump you up through the day. 


If you are a Starbucks regular, most probably you order the strongest drink around to keep you on your edge and be extra sharp for that early morning meeting. The strongest coffee at Starbucks as mentioned above have very high caffeine content with Clover brewed coffee on the top spot and blonde cafe Americano clinching the seventh place. 

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