Aeropress Review

The Aeropress by Aerobie Coffee Maker is a popular variation to a french press coffee maker. The Aeropress could be described as an inverted french press. The coffee is brewed in the top chamber of the Aeropress and then pressed down through the filter and directly into your cup. The result is a delicious cup of coffee with zero grit! If you want full information on how the device works, read our Aeropress introduction.

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The Aeropress is a very simple coffee maker, and is actually quite fun to use. The entire system is comprised of the parts pictured to the left. The whole package is very well made and is built to last. Before you start brewing you need to make sure you have a source of boiling water and ground coffee just as you would with any other french press. The pressing process only takes a couple of minutes.


Using the Aeropress is simple. Insert a filter into the bottom cap and lock it into place. Place the press onto the top of your cup or coffee containter and add from 1 to 4 scoops of coffee grounds. Fill the chamber with hot water (175 degrees is recommended by Aerobie) to the corresponding number (1-4) based on how many scoops you are using. Stir the mixture in the chamber, insert the top plunger, and apply steady pressure, dispensing the brewed coffee.

Cleaning the system is easy. Unscrew the filter cap and plunge the used filter and grounds into the garbage. Rinse the black portion of the plunger, dry and you are done!

The Aeropress makes 1 to 4 ‘shots’ of espresso strength coffee. You can then add water, milk, sugar, flavoring etc. to make your perfect brew.


The Aeropress coffee maker creates a smooth, delicious cup of coffee when compared to any other coffee maker. Brewing method tends to influence taste quite a bit. Finding your perfect measurements, water temperature and grind quality can take a few tries, but once you find your preference it is easy to make the perfect cup every time.


I find that the entire process is quite a grounding task in the morning. Just as with a french press, you have to have a source of hot water and a grinder or pre-ground beans. This is also not the coffee maker to use if you are often in a hurry in the mornings and want hot coffee waiting for you when you get to the kitchen. The coffee the Aeropress produces is very delicious and can be made in large batches with a little bit of work. I suggest this coffee maker to people who enjoy the taste of their coffee and are looking for a cleaner cup than a french press produces. All around this is a great coffee maker with similar qualities to a french press, but in the end producing a better cup of coffee.


-Perfect for home use as well as traveling/camping
-Quick to brew & clean
-Great tasting coffee
-No debris in coffee
-Simple, effective, & well built


-Limited to 4 shots per use
-Have to heat water separately
-No way to make excess coffee without a separate container

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