Aeropress Aerobie

Aeropress Aerobie in ActionThe Aeropress by Aerobie (the makers of the famous Aerobie frisbee disk) is a uniquely simple coffee maker. The concept is part syringe – part french press. It may look confusing at first, but is easily explained and fun to use! You will be alarmed by the delicious coffee that comes from such an unassuming ‘machine’.

After you learn what the the Aeropress Aerobie is all about, I am sure it will become a household staple. It is fun to use, easy to clean, portable and inexpensive. What more could you ask for from a coffee maker!


The Aeropress coffee maker is very simple in design. The bottom portion of the coffee press consists of a screw off screen with a space for a filter. The top portion is a tightly fitting plunger with a sturdy handle. The top half of the Aerobie press is like a large syringe – except instead of a needle on the end there is a filter cap with a paper coffee filter. The Aeropress system also comes with a funnel for pressing into smaller cups, a measuring spoon, a stir stick, and 350 coffee filters – everything you need to get started!


The Aeropress is very simple to use.  You start by inserting a paper filter into the cap and attaching it to the bottom of the plunger. Place the Aerobie press over the top of your coffee cup. Add 1 to 4 scoops of coffee to the chamber, and then fill to the corresponding number with hot water – we go over the exact water temperatures you should use in our post on water temperatures for brewing. For example – if you want to use the Aeropress as a single coffee press, insert one scoop of coffee and fill to the number 1.

Give your mixture a quick stir with the included stir stick and insert the plunger. Plunge the mixture down into your coffee cup and you have 1 to 4 scoops of espresso strength coffee. Add more water, milk or other ingredients to make your perfect cup of coffee! Unlike other french press coffee makers, the Aeropress produces a clean cup of coffee with no leftover grit in the bottom of your cup. I think this is one of the reasons that the Aeropress is the best press coffee maker!


As the Aeropress plunges, it cleans itself! Once you are done brewing your cup simply unscrew the cap and plunge the coffee ground puck into the trash. Rinse the unit and let it dry!

The whole brewing process can take as little as one minute, so if you wish to quickly make large batches of coffee with the Aero press, then all it takes is inserting a new filter and running it again!

Buy your own Aeropress coffee maker today – they make great gifts!

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