Best Water Temperature When Brewing with Aeropress


This may seem like a picky issue to some, but to those who are looking for the best brew they can get from their Aeropress (or even any other alternative coffee maker) the water temperature used to brew is important. The temperature of the water determines the quality of the coffee extraction from the beans, and ultimately determines the taste.

Best Water Temperature for Brewing Coffee

So you want to make sure you make the best cup of coffee? Lets talk temperatures then. The Specialty Coffee Association of America and the National Coffee Association have come to a conclusion that the best temperature for brewing the perfect cup of coffee is between 197.6 – 204.8F.

Too low a temperature and you will experience under extraction. The acids in the beans are the first to dissolve, and without adequate temperature you will experience heavy acids but low flavor. This results in a weak, but sour taste. If the water temperature is too high, over extraction will occur and the coffee will taste bitter.

What Water Temperature We Recommend

The makers of the Aeropress recommend you brew your coffee with water between 165F – 175F. As you can see this is a bit low when compared to the recommended temperatures upwards of 195F. We saw the difference here and did some testing. After countless brews and taste tests we have come to the conclusion that the Aeropress recommended  temperature is a bit too low.

As you brew your coffee your water is cooling as soon as you take it off the heat and begin pouring and stirring. We found that upping the water temperature between 190F – 195F you can achieve a much better tasting coffee. You also have a higher starting temperature so as you brew it doesn’t matter if the water temperature drops a bit.

Gain Control of Your Brewing Temperatures

So you want the best cup of coffee you can have right? Give yourself the control you need to brew with the correct temperatures with a temperature controlled electric kettle. We have all the information you need and a few top recommendations for you on our page:

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  1. Just to do the conversion for those of us who don’t work in Fahrenheit, you’re recommending 88-91 C (which is lower than the NCA’s suggested 92-96 C, and higher than Aeropress’s suggested 74-79).

    I’ve just got a new temperature controlled kettle, so I’ll set it to 90 C and give it a go!

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