Coffee Pods & Capsules

Coffee pods and beans

Coffee pods and capsules have risen to popularity in the past few years. A coffee pod or capsule is basically an amount of coffee held within a small container. The container is then entered into the coffee maker and brewed. The simplicity and ease of use of a single pop of coffee brewed with little to no cleanup is something that consumers all over the world have fell in love with. This article will help you discover all about pods, capsules, and how to choose between the two.

Differences Between Pods & Capsules

Used Lavazza Coffee CapsuleThe end result of a coffee pod vs a coffee capsule are the same, a great tasting cup of coffee. The differences in the two lie mostly in the construction of the pod/capsule. Capsules are usually a plastic container which holds the coffee grounds and filter within. A coffee pod is simply a “bag” that is constructed from a coffee filter that is filled with coffee grounds. No matter how you cut it, be it a coffee pod or capsule you are simply pushing water through coffee grounds to create coffee.

As far as choosing your preference, it is quite easy. Simply choose your coffee maker! Because each coffee maker takes a specific capsule or pod, it is all about finding the coffee maker you want to use on a daily basis and looking at the quality of the coffee it produces. One thing to keep in mind is that as long as your coffee capsules or pods are sealed, your coffee will be fresh every time. Coffee pods run the risk of going stale unless they are individually sealed.

Pro’s & ConsPaper Coffee Pod


  • Can be individually resold.
  • Coffee comes pre-measured which allows for a consistent brew every time.
  • Sealed individual packets keep coffee fresh until just before use.
  • Quick and easy brewing.
  • Easy cleanup as the used coffee grounds remain in the filter pod.


  • The convenience usually comes with a higher price.
  • Individual wrappings are wasteful.
  • No control over the grind size.

Alternatives to Coffee Pods & Filters

While it is easy to love the ease of use of a coffee pod, it is easy to see that they are overpriced and wasteful. That being the case there has been a rise in popularity of reusable coffee pods which allow the user to brew coffee in their favorite single serving coffee or espresso brewer without having to shop for coffee directly from the manufacturer.

Reusable Coffee Pods & CapsulesReusable Coffee Pod

Reusable coffee pods are generally very simple. Rather than being a sealed capsule, the reusable variety allows you to open and close the capsule so you can place your own coffee grounds into the capsule. Some pods may require some sort of small sealant or foil that will need to be replaced after each use. One catch is that you need to watch for is that you must buy the reusable capsule that is made specifically for your coffee maker. For instance if you own a Nespresso branded coffee machine, you need to buy reusable Nespresso coffee capsules to use in your machine. These reusable capsules are generally not sold by the original manufacturer, but by a third party manufacturer of some kind. This means that the consistency in quality can be a bit all over the place. Make sure you read reviews carefully to get the low down from the actual users of the capsules.

Being able to spend a small amount of money as an upfront investment and then simply use the coffee you already have is a great option for the environment and money conscious consumer. Even if you don’t plan on using a reusable pod every day, it makes sense to have some extra reusable pods lying around in case you run out of branded coffee pods while waiting for your next shipment.

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  1. It’s good to know that coffee capsules are easy to brew and won’t create a big mess. I just got a new job that requires me to get up really early so I’m going to need a lot of coffee to wake me up. I’ll be sure to look at different coffee capsules and try different flavors that I will like.

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