The Best Aeropress Accessories

The Best Aeropress Accessories

If you are a coffee lover, Aeropress should be on your top list of must-haves. This manual coffeemaker can brew highly concentrated espresso-style coffaee and cold brew coffee.

It consists of a cylindrical chamber along with a plunger that has an airtight silicone seal that looks like a syringe. Aeropress works by steeping ground coffee beans and water inside then forced through a filter by pressing the plunger through a chamber. 

Fans of the Aeropress claim that it makes the best coffee. You could take it to a whole new level with some innovative accessories that third parties offer for the Aeropress. 

The best Aeropress accessories 

Here are the best Aeropress accessories for an extraordinary coffee fix:

1. 2POUR 

This Aeropress accessory is a real time-saver since it presses coffee into two cups instantly. This way, you do not have to switch cups half-way or make two separate brews. You do not have to press all the contents into one large cup or jug before transferring to separate drinking cups. 

Just place two cups under the 2Pour spouts, place the Aeropress on top of the 2Pour and press.  Have smaller coffee cups in handy since mugs won’t fit in under the spouts. The recommended cup height is 3.8 inches. 

Why it is one of the best Aeropress accessories: It is convenient and saves you time if you are serving coffee for two persons. 

2. Fellow Prismo

This Aeropress accessory lets you create a full-immersion espresso-style brew without utilizing the inverted method. It comes with a 150-micron reusable metal filter. Its cap has a pressure-activated valve that stops the flow of coffee from the Aeropress until pressure is applied. This allows for greater control.  

This accessory can also help you make a cold brew and crema since it creates an air-tight seal. It allows you to whip up espresso, hot tea or iced tea, Americano and more. It provides for a no-mess clean-up and with reusable etched fine stainless steel filter. 

Why it is one of the best Aeropress accessories: It lets you make a flavorful espresso-style coffee as well as cold brew in no time at all.  

3. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder 

This ceramic burr hand grinder is portable, lightweight, durable, compact and grinds effortlessly.  This is a perfect buddy if you are constantly on the go. It fits inside the Aeropress and can grind from very fine to coarse. 

This coffee grinder has a 20 gram capacity with a 47 mm diameter and a height of 130 mm. Its body is made of stainless steel. 

Why it is one of the best Aeropress accessories:  A lightweight and compact travel buddy for coffee lovers that are always on the go. 

4. Aesir Paper Filters 

These paper filters are made from premium paper twice as thick as standard Aeropress paper filters. These filters reduce the sediment and allow you to have clarity, the right thickness and juiciness to your cup of joe. These are not your ordinary paper filters and are used by champion baristas globally and by true-blue coffee connoisseurs. 

Why it is one of the best Aeropress accessories:  Preferred by coffee enthusiasts and champion baristas since it gives clarity and the right juiciness and thickness to coffee. 

5. JavaJug2 with JavaJacket for the AeroPress Coffee and EspressoMaker (Black)

This stainless steel jug is where you press your coffee into with the use of Aeropress. You can also store the manual coffeemaker inside the jug and it fits perfectly.  The Aeropress cap can fit snugly so there will be no spilled coffee. There is a marking inside the jug to indicate the amount of hot water to add and if you are serving three or four persons you can serve coffee straight from the jug. 

A great bonus is the JavaJacket that keeps the jug insulated and keeps it hot or cold. You can also choose from six colors that include black, blue, red, grey, camouflage and green. 

After you are done making coffee, you can remove the filter cap and place it inside the JavaJug and place the Aeropress upside down. Push the plunger through the chamber so it won’t compress the plunger gasket since it can wear out faster if it is left compressed. 

Why it is one of the best Aeropress accessories:  It is not only meant for coffee but also a good storage unit for the Aeropress. 

6. Able Travel Cap 

This handy accessory allows you to store coffee beans if you are traveling with an Aeropress. It has a non-slip surface, snugly fits on the open end of the Aeropress plunger and the space inside can be utilized as a storage compartment. You can also store filter papers. This made-in-the-USA travel cap also provides stability for the coffeemaker while brewing using the inverted method. 

Why it is one of the best Aeropress accessories:  It lets you store precious coffee beans while you travel.  

7. Hexnub Organizer 

This Aeropress accessory is the ultimate storage mate. It provides ample space for the Aeropress ensemble that includes the chamber, scoop, plunger, funnel, stirring paddle and filter papers with a holder.  The top area is meant for storing coffee mugs and the top shelf has a heat-proof silicone rubber drip mat. It is also made from eco-friendly all-natural bamboo and measures 10 inches in width by 7.8 inches in height by 4.6 inches diameter. The compact and efficient organizer also has a compact version for single coffee lovers. 

Why it is one of the best Aeropress accessories: It is the ultimate Aeropress storage organizer and features a countertop style that lets you flaunt your mug collection. 

8. Altura Premium Mesh Filter 

This stainless steel filter is cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. It is washable and reusable and features a slim design.  The fine mesh filter allows the nutrients to blend in your coffee resulting in a brew that has an ultimate flavorful taste. 

Why it is one of the best Aeropress accessories:  It is eco-friendly and brings out the flavorful aroma and taste of coffee. 

Image: / Rabizo