Freedom Clip Alternative

Freedom Clip Alternative

Do you have a Keurig 2.0 machine but you prefer other brands of pods aside from Keurig branded K-cups? You are in luck because of innovations like the Freedom Clip. Just place this clip in the brewer and it will read all K-cup type pods as authorized K-cups. Aside from this product, there are other measures that you can do so you can have the freedom to choose your K-cups.

Is there a Freedom Clip alternative that I can use?

Yes, there is an alternative to the Freedom Clip that you can use so you can use your preferred brand of K-cups in your Keurig. 

These are the alternatives or measures that you can take:

1. Place a piece of the lid from a licensed Keurig K-cup inside the machine. 

One Freedom Clip alternative that you can use is to tape a piece of the lid from a licensed Keurig K-cup inside the machine. By doing so, it will disable the Keurig 2.0 DRM or digital rights management and you will be able to use any brand of Keurig-compatible cups or pods. 

2. Place Ekobrew K-cup freedom stickers on non-Keurig branded cups.

Another Freedom Clip alternative you can try is to place a freedom sticker on non-Keurig branded cups. The sensor will read the sticker and unlock the machine so you can freely brew your own choice of coffee.  These stickers fit carefully on the rim and can be used until the adhesive is gone by just peeling and resticking them. 

Position the brewer holster with the sticker at a nine o’clock position and by centering with the left chamber notch. The stickers are ideal when used on older cups or cups that do not work in Keurig 2.0 machines. 

You can also experiment with any orange sticker or by using an orange highlighter on a piece of paper with Scotch tape. You can even use orange duct tape but make sure it is the right shade. Most likely, you can unlock the machine with this technique. 

3. By using reusable and refillable K-cups. 

Do not fret, you can enjoy your personal choice of coffee with Keurig 2.0 My K-cup reusable K-cups and filters. This is another Freedom clip alternative that you can try. Simply fill a reusable K-cup with your own choice of ground coffee, pop it inside the machine and voila, you have a satisfying cup of your favored brew.

What is a Freedom Clip?

The Freedom Clip is a small plastic piece that clips into the Keurig 2.0 machine. Once it is positioned inside the machine, you can insert any brand of K-cup and the Keurig will read it as an officially branded K-cup. How does the clip make it possible? There is a Keurig code on the clip’s underside that tricks the machine’s sensor into thinking that the coffee pods placed are approved. 

The Freedom Clip does not come out of the Keurig machine since it is clipped over the optical reader that reads a special ink. Once you have installed the clip, you are free to use the machine and place any coffee brand of your personal choice.  This product performs a bait-and-switch mechanism to trick your Keurig machine since the approved K-cups have a special ink for machine recognition. 

Image: / Touchi Sin