Aeropress vs French Press

We took a good look at the french press and the Aeropress. Yes they both press, but is one better than the other? Read to find out.

What is a French PressFrench Press Parts

A french press is a uniquely simple coffee maker. It is comprised of a carafe, or a container which holds your grounds/water, and a press which us usually attached to a lid. A frame holds the carafe and the lid/plunger sit on top.

Coffee is brewed by adding coffee grounds and hot water are directly mixed and left to steep for a few minutes in the carafe and then pressed. The pressing separates the grounds from the liquid leaving you with delicious coffee.

The first french press was patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929. The french press is also known by other names such as a coffee press, press pot, coffee plunger, or a cafetière. A french is an inexpensive way to make high-quality coffee (see latest prices for our recommended model on

What is the AeropressAeropress Coffee Maker Parts

The Aeropress is a unique press style coffee maker that allows accurate control over your press coffee brew. It is known for brewing some of the most delicious coffee that a press can make.

The Aeropress is made entirely of BPA free plastics. The parts are a plunger with a rubber seal on the end. This fits into the top of the chamber. The chamber has a screw on cap which holds a paper or metal filter.

To brew with an Aeropress, you insert a filter into the cap and screw it tight onto the bottom of the chamber. The chamber is then placed over a coffee cup. You then fill the chamber with coffee and pour hot water into the chamber. You mix the grounds and water letting steep for roughly 15-45 seconds. Lastly the mixture is pressed over 20-30 seconds down through the cap pushing the coffee out the bottom of the Aeropress. The Aeropress not only makes great coffee but it is also easy to clean, pretty rugged and portable (see latest prices for the Aeropress at


  • Both the Aeropress and a French Press both deliver delicious coffee.
  • The Aeropress is more likely to deliver a cleaner cup of coffee, free of any coffee grounds.
  • The French Press is able to make more coffee per brew.
  • Brewing on the Aeropress is slightly quicker because of shorter steep times.
  • With the Aeropress, you are able to brew espresso and even can create crema with care.
  • The French Press does not need paper filters. (There are also options to buy metal Aeropress filters, although they come with paper filters when you buy a new Aeropress)
  • Both systems are quick to clean, the Aeropress being just slightly quicker.


In conclusion, you really can’t go wrong with either a french press or an Aeropress. Based on our comparison, choose the type of coffee maker which better suits your needs. Either way you will be able to brew a delicious cup of coffee which will leave you satisfied.

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  1. I like this comparison of the French press vs the Arrowpress. I have had an Arrowpress for three years. The deterioration is horrible. I can send a picture. We use it about three cups a day. I wish there was a glass Arrowpress.

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