Bleach In Keurig

Bleach In Keurig

Can you use bleach in Keurig coffee makers?

No, you should not use bleach in Keurig machines or in other coffee makers for that matter. A diluted beach may sound acceptable but it is not recommended since it can still cause significant harm to your health.  Bleach is toxic and corrosive and it could lead to burns and respiratory distress if some of it remains inside a coffee machine.

Bleach is popular as a cleaning solution to remove grime and dirt but it is harmful if ingested. Opt for safer cleaning methods that won’t harm your machine or your health.                           

What are safe methods to sanitize a Keurig machine?

These are safe methods to sanitize a Keurig:

1. By using white vinegar or citric acid.

A safe way to clean your Keurig coffee machine is with the use of white vinegar or citric acid. It can be used to clean and descale the machine especially when there is mineral buildup. With regular use, your machine will begin to show signs such as hard water stains. Coffee becomes bitter and the machine tends to smell foul. Unclean coffee machines are a favorite breeding ground of bacteria so it is recommended to remove them with a safe solution like white vinegar combined with water in equal parts. 

2. By using baking soda. 

You can also use baking soda to clean your Keurig. It removes tough stains and eliminates foul odors on most household items. Use one-fourth of baking soda and some water and leave the mixture in to work for at least five minutes. You can use a toothbrush when cleaning difficult stains and buildups in the water reservoir. 

Once you have cleaned the machine thoroughly with the mixture, put in some water and let it run. This will help rinse out any remaining mixture from the machine. 

3. By using hydrogen peroxide. 

You can also use hydrogen peroxide to clean your machine. It effectively kills mold, algae and bacteria. It is also non-toxic or caustic but it can oxidize or corrode metal parts. Do not let it sit too long in the machine and make sure to rinse it out well. 

These are the advantages of hydrogen peroxide:

  • It is odorless and acts as a deodorizer. 
  • It tastes similar to water and does not leave any residue so it will not affect the taste of coffee. 
  • It neutralizes odor and taste by oxidizing and destroying components that may cause bad odor and taste such as bacteria.


If you are seeking measures to clean your Keurig, you should do it in a safe and non-threatening way.  Do not use bleach in Keurig because it is toxic, corrosive and harsh for your machine. Most importantly, it could threaten your health if remnants of it remain after cleaning. 

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