Can Cold Brew Coffee Be Heated?

Can Cold Brew Coffee Be Heated?

Did you create a big batch of cold brew coffee a few days ago but decided that you wanted hot coffee when you woke up this morning? Heating cold brew coffee is possible if done in the right way. Unsure how to do it? Read on and let us get to know if it is possible to heat cold brew coffee and if so, how to properly heat it. 

Can cold brew coffee be heated?

Yes, cold brew coffee can be heated.  You can warm up cold brew coffee and serve it hot just as you can serve previously hot-brewed coffee with ice. The cold brewing method is a method of making coffee wherein you soak ground beans in cold or room temperature water instead of hot water. 

What is the best way to heat cold brewed coffee?

Here are the steps on how to heat cold brew coffee:

  1. First, heat some water in a pot on a stove or electric kettle. 
  2. Once the water starts to boil, turn off the heat source. 
  3. Preheat your cup by pouring on some of the hot water in it for a few moments and then discharge it. 
  4. Pour cold brew concentrate in your preheated cup. 
  5. Finally, dilute the concentrate with hot water. 

The procedure mentioned above is the proper way to heat your cold brewed coffee. Avoid heating the concentrate directly on the kettle or stove as it could harm the coffee’s taste. A chemical reaction may occur resulting in a sour coffee taste. Some of the liquid may also evaporate and the coffee may become more concentrated. By following the above-mentioned steps, the hot cold brew coffee retains its smooth and rich flavor. 

Is heated cold brew coffee more acidic?

No, heated cold brew coffee will not become more acidic if you heat it by diluting the concentrate with hot water. However, if you heat the coffee in the microwave or stove, the acidity will most likely increase.  

It has been widely considered that cold brew coffee is less acidic compared to hot brew coffee by up to 65%. However, this has still to be scientifically proven since there have still been no worthy claims to confirm this. What a scientific report in 2018 specifies is that there is no huge difference in the pH values of hot and cold brew coffee. 

Needless to say, reheating coffee results in a chemical reaction and oxidation becomes accelerated. Coffee tends to age and starts to taste bad. Inversely, the oxidation of coffee molecules slows down if coffee is brewed with cold water instead of hot water. Prepare a large batch of cold brew coffee and dilute it with hot water if you are craving hot cold brew coffee instead of brewing hot brewed coffee and then later on reheating it. 

Advantages of hot cold brew coffee 

These are the advantages of hot-cold brew coffee:

  • It retains its signature taste which is a smoother and sweeter taste. 
  • It tends to be less acidic.
  • It may also contain less caffeine compared to hot brew coffee but it may also depend on the origin of the beans and roasting method.
  • It is a convenient alternative to hot brew coffee since you only have to heat some water. This is quicker compared to making hot brewed coffee in the morning. 

Other ways to enjoy hot cold brew coffee 

Here are ways to enjoy your hot cold brew coffee as coffee cocktails:

1. Irish coffee 

To make traditional Irish coffee, simply add to the hot-cold brew coffee a bit of Irish whiskey, brown sugar and a layer of whipped cream. 

2. French Connection or Cafe Amore

Add equal parts of amaretto and cognac to hot cold brew coffee for a sweet treat. Add more amaretto if you want it to be sweeter. You may top the coffee cocktail with whipped cream.

3. Hot White Russian 

Simply mix warm heavy cream, coffee-flavored liqueur and vodka then top with whipped cream. 

4. Cafe Brasileiro 

Add a chocolate-flavored liqueur and cachaca, a sugarcane-based distilled liquor, too hot cold brew coffee and top with some vanilla ice cream.  

5. Caramel Latte 

Steam a bit of milk and caramel syrup together and pour into your mug or glass, add the hot-cold brew coffee and finish with a layer of frothed milk. 


If you’ve been keeping some cold brew coffee in your fridge, you can heat it, to enjoy some hot cold brew coffee during chilly mornings before you go out for a three-mile run. The proper way of heating cold brew coffee is to dilute the cold brew concentrate with hot water as it will less likely become acidic. However, if you heat the cold brew coffee directly into the stove or microwave, the acidity will most likely increase. 

 Image: / Suphansa Subruayying