Can I Use Purified Drinking Water In My Keurig?

Can I Use Purified Drinking Water In My Keurig

The type and quality of water used for a cup of joe play a vital role in determining its overall flavor. Water makes up almost 98% of coffee and the final taste of coffee relies a lot on the quality of water that you put in your Keurig.

Can I use purified drinking water in my Keurig?

Yes, you can use purified drinking water in your Keurig coffee maker. This type of water is filtered and processed, removing impurities like contaminants and chemical pollutants. It is produced with the use of tap- or groundwater. 

The purified drinking water goes through a process of double filtration seen as reverse-osmosis, deionization or distillation. 

Your Keurig machine will benefit if you use purified water from an RO or reverse osmosis filter or any filter. Most importantly, purified water makes coffee better-tasting.

What are the best water types for my Keurig?

These are the best water types for your Keurig:

Filtered water

Filters remove the smell and taste of chlorine, sulfur, iron and other minerals.  Some filters are specially designed for classic and 2.0 models of Keurig brewers. 

Bottled distilled water 

A highly recommended water type for Keurig brewers is bottled distilled water. Just be sure to check the label since some bottled water variants are not distilled but either spring or mineral. These contain high amounts of minerals that can harm your Keurig. 

Distilled water is purified and contains less than 1 PPM or parts per million minerals. If you use this water type, you do not have to descale your brewer often. 

However, you should only use this water for classic and original Keurig brewers. If you have a Keurig 2.0 coffee machine, do not use bottled distilled water since it is too pure for the machine’s sensors. Your Keurig brewer may register an “error” if you use distilled water. Opt for filtered water or a Keurig filter and descale your machine regularly. 

Why is it important to use the right kind of water for your Keurig?

It is important to use the right kind of water for your Keurig coffee maker since just about any water like tap water contains high amounts of minerals. This type of water is also called hard water since it has great amounts of sodium, calcium, sulfate and chloride. As a result, your Keurig’s longevity is compromised because of the buildup of scale or lime. It will also affect the overall taste of your coffee.

Salt-based water softeners can solve the problem but this causes clogging around coffee grinds resulting in a slower brewing process. 

Water filters:  A cost-effective option to enjoy your Keurig coffee

Water filters allow you to have safe and clean water that is also good for your Keurig brewer. These filters attach directly to the faucet and remove contaminants from tap water. Filter replacement is required and if you are filtering a lot of water, opt for an on-tap filter. 

Filter bottles and pitchers are also a great option if you are consuming several cups of coffee each day. It is also useful if you need filter water on hand for a Keurig Mini.  They are affordable and replacement filters are inexpensive compared to tap water filters. You do not have to spend a lot of money as opposed to buying bottled distilled water especially when you’re in the office. 

Keurig brewers also have carbon filters that you can use to enjoy a great tasting cup of joe. These carbon packs are placed inside a plastic housing reservoir and designed to filter water as it is drawn from the reservoir tank into the Keurig for the brewing process.  However, it is hard to know when is an appropriate time to replace them. 


Choosing the right water type and quality is essential to ensure the good performance and longevity of your Keurig machine. Purified drinking water is recommended for use with Keurig brewers because it goes through a double filtration process which removes the chemical contaminants.  

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