Can You Really Make Espresso with the Aeropress?

Espresso Brew

The Aeropress makes its claim that it is in fact a coffee AND espresso maker. This fact can and is argued by coffee purists. Espresso fanatics are quick to point out that while the Aeropress makes a strong, concentrated coffee blend, it is not quite an espresso brew by definition.

Aeropress Coffee vs Espresso

So what makes coffee a true espresso brew?
Traditional espresso is defined as a 1-2 oz coffee shot brewed from roughly 1 tablespoon of finely ground coffee. Espresso features a layer of foamy cream called crema which is generated because the coffee is brewed under a high pressure.

Espresso shots can be consumed in many ways. Many prefer the straight espresso taste, but espresso is also used to make drinks such as  a latte, mocha, macchiato, cappuccino, or americano.

How does the Aeropress brew compare?
The Aeropress satisfies most but not all of the properties of an espresso brew. The missing property of the Aeropress espresso is the  crema which an espresso maker generates. The Aeropress normally doesn’t brew with a comparable pressure to an espresso maker which is the main reason it normally doesn’t create creama.

Are you an Aeropress fanatic and want a solution to this issue? Don’t worry! There are solutions to the no-creama issue that the Aeropress sees – more on that later.

So what does this mean for Aeropress users?Aeropress Espresso Brew

As was pointed out before, it seems that espresso purists might make the biggest fuss about the true definition of the Aeropress brew. That being said, no matter the coffee drinker, the coffee the Aeropress creates is widely loved!

Call it what you want – its still a great brew!
Go ahead and call the coffee whatever you want; an espresso, a coffee shot, or a strong bit o’ joe. At the end of the day the coffee is delicious and can be used in the same way that espresso can. Want to use your Aeropress to make a coffee shot? Do it! Want to create a delicious cappuccino? Use your beloved press.

We don’t judge how our coffee is brewed as long as it tastes delicious! We love the coffee that the Aeropress creates, and we love the coffee that an expensive espresso maker creates. We hope you do too!

Crema from the Aeropress

If you are a serious Aeropress user then you surely would love to be able to make delicious crema from your press. We have done some research on the subject and gathered our findings in our article on creating crema with the Aeropress.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr/Demion