Cold Brew Coffee Acidity

Cold Brew Coffee Acidity

Are you a fan of hot brew but you have a sensitive tummy? It may be time for you to consider switching to cold brew. Cold brew coffee acidity is said to be lesser compared to hot coffee. But, is there proof that cold brew coffee is less acidic? Read on and let us unravel the facts behind this. 

Cold brew coffee acidity: Some helpful facts 

According to a scientific study in 2018, the acidity or pH value of cold and hot brew coffee is comparable within a range of 4.85 to 5.13. Needless to say, there is no evidence to back up the claim that cold brew is much less acidic compared to hot brew coffee. It may be less acidic but only by a slight margin. However,  most coffee buffs claim that cold brew allows for a smoother cup with a perceived lesser acidity. 

Scientists used the same coffee-to-water ratio for both cold and hot brewing methods for the study that investigates the acidity and antioxidant activity of both hold and cold brew coffee. It was found out that cold water coffee extraction did not result in a less acidic brew.  In a separate scientific report, scientists note that the concentrations of pH and three-chlorogenic acid are equivalents between hot and cold brew coffee. 

This strengthens the claim that cold brew coffee is not a preferable option for people looking for less acidic coffee options because of heartburn or acid reflux issues. However, it is noteworthy to say that those who suffer from such conditions feel much better when they switch to cold brew coffee. The secret behind this may be cold brew’s crude polysaccharides that decrease the negative outcome of acidity. 

It is safe to say though that beverages like coffee affect people differently and people with heartburn and sensitive stomachs may have varied reactions to cold brew. Most coffee buffs claim that cold brew has enhanced natural sweetness with a perceived lesser acidity compared to hot brew coffee. Another contributory factor to the perceived lesser acidity may be due to slow oxidation and degradation of coffee molecules. Cold brew can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks and it will still taste good. 

What is cold brew?

Cold brew is also called Toddy brewing and Todd Simpson claims to have brought back the process to America from Peru way back in 1964. The method involves mixing ground coffee with cold water and letting it steep in the refrigerator overnight. You will then have to strain the mixture which will leave you with a concentrate that you may want to dilute. It can be served at once or stored for up to 14 days. 

Benefits of cold brew

These are the benefits of cold brew:

1. It is said to be less acidic. 

A self-funded study done by Toddy signifies that cold brew is 50 to 67% less acidic than regular brewed coffee. 

2. It has more antioxidants. 

Recent studies indicate that green coffee beans have many antioxidants but that those are destroyed by high temperatures. Cold brewing does not destroy the antioxidants making it a healthier option.

3. It is sweeter compared to hot brew. 

Since it is said to be less acidic it also tends to be sweeter compared to hot brew coffee. Coffee lovers do not have to add more sugar which makes it a lighter and healthier beverage.

4. It is more convenient. 

It takes considerable time to make cold brew coffee but it is more convenient since you can store it in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. It remains fresh and you can whip yourself a cup anytime. 

5. It is versatile. 

Since it is more stable in flavor and fullness, cold brew can be utilized in ice cream, cakes, drinks with no alcohol and even alcoholic cocktails. 

Some cold brew myths and facts 

Here are some common myths and facts about cold brew coffee:

1. Myth: It has to be drunk cold. 

Fact: False. Cold brew can be heated especially if you have chilly weather. While it is brewed with cold water it does not mean it has to be drunk cold only. 

2. Myth: You need ice to prepare cold brew. 

Fact: Yes, but you can also make it using room temperature water.

3. Myth:  It has more caffeine than espresso. 

Fact: False. You can control the caffeine level through factors like brewing time, water-to-coffee ratio, roast type and kind of coffee beans. 

4. Myth: It is better than hot brew. 

Fact: Different strokes for different folks, so they say.  Some people prefer cold brew over hot brew but others will stand by the hot brew method.


The devotion to coffee is like a love story that is as old as time. However, stomach problems and acid reflux can prevent you from enjoying your cup of joe. Studies reveal that while cold brew coffee is smoother, sweeter and versatile, it is only slightly less acidic compared to hot brew. 

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