How Hot Does a Coffee Maker Get?

How Hot Does a Coffee Maker Get?

Do you use to boil coffee to very high temperatures? Coffee experts note that it should not be done that way since it results in over-extraction and will destroy flavor compounds. Coffee makers are commonly used to brew coffee since they provide fresher and flavorful coffee. These brewers also allow you to learn how to make great coffee by yourself. 

How hot does a coffee maker get?

Some coffee makers like the Keurig brand have temperatures of up to 192 degrees Fahrenheit while some can get as hot as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America or SCAA, the optimal temperature range or ideal water temperature for brewing coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit or 90 to 96 degrees Centigrade. This is the so-called prescribed temperature since it is the range where water-soluble flavor compounds are dissolved in water easily. 

What is the secret element to perfect coffee extraction?

The secret element to perfect coffee extraction is water.  It is essential so that the flavor from coffee grounds is well-extracted. Tap water is not enough since it also needs to reach the optimal temperature. If you use boiling water, over-extraction may happen and coffee will taste burnt and bitter. 

If the water is cold it could result in under-extraction and coffee will taste sour and weak. However, if the water is just right, not boiling but not cold, your coffee will be aromatic, full-bodied and hot enough to drink.

How can you control the temperature of the water?

You can control the temperature of water by using a quality thermometer but most coffee makers already have built-in water heaters and controls. Other coffee makers use thermocouples that are mechanical but they tend to wear out after just a few months. You still need to check the brewer’s temperature especially if you have been using it for quite some time already.  

Be wary if there is a change in the taste of your brewed coffee as it could indicate a weakened thermocouple. If you notice that the taste of coffee is turning sour,  it could be time to get a new coffee maker. 

If you prefer a French Press or Chemex, be sure to heat the container before using it.  Do this by adding hot water and letting it sit for at least a few seconds. It warms up the container and maintains the water’s temperature upon the start of the brewing process. 

How hot does a coffee maker hot plate get?

A coffee maker hot plate could get between 160 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, most coffee enthusiasts are aware that a too high temperature when brewing or serving coffee can make coffee too bitter or acidic. 

Most coffee makers are designed in a way that the carafe is sitting on a warming plate so that brewing is possible until you need a hot refill.  A warming plate applies continuous heat to the coffee to make it warm but it could turn your coffee bitter over time once the heat is added. The reason is that the chemical compounds are broken apart in your coffee. Nevertheless, the coffee temperature is dependent on its drinker’s preference and while some like their cup of joe hot, others like it cold or iced. 

Some coffee experts prefer drip coffee makers that can brew with temperatures as high as 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit under four minutes but not exceeding eight minutes. Some drip coffee brewers have hot plates while some do not have it and it will depend on their manufacturers. Most brewers allow you to adjust the hot plate temperature but it is typically around 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As coffee stays on the plate, it keeps it warm but it can also overbrew your morning brew.  This is seen as one of the reasons why most coffee brewers forego the hot plate feature. Warming plates are also susceptible to rust and falling coating flakes. 

To prevent these issues, soak the surface in a rust dissolver for a matter of 30 minutes then wipe it clean with a cloth. You can also soak the surface in soda using a wet strip of aluminum foil that removes dust without harming the hot or warming plate.

Do coffee makers boil water?

No, coffee makers do not boil water.  Good and efficient coffee makers bring water to temperatures ranging from 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, a step below the boiling point.  The inefficient coffee brewers can have temperatures of around 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This is acceptable and still within the optimal range.

Recommended coffee makers with ideal temperatures

These are our recommended coffee makers with ideal temperatures:

  1. Cuisinart CPO-850 Coffee Brewer
  2. Technivorm’s Moccamaster  


A piping hot and rich-in-aroma cup of coffee perks you up and provides an adrenaline shot to kickstart your day.  If you are relying on your coffee maker for coffee, be aware that it can get as hot as 192 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is still within the optimal temperature range which is between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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