How Long Does Coffee Take To Brew?

How Long Does Coffee Take To Brew

It can take from a minute or up to 12 minutes to brew a pot of coffee depending on the kind of coffee maker you are using. 

Here is a detailed look at how long does it take to brew coffee based on the type of coffee maker:

1. It takes two to three minutes to brew coffee in a Keurig machine. 

Keurig coffee machines are famous for quick water heat up and usually take around two to three minutes to brew a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, it takes around four minutes to brew a large 12-ounce cup. 

2. It takes five to 15 minutes to brew coffee in a drip coffee maker. 

Drip coffee makers can brew large quantities of coffee.  Contact time for coffee and water is usually around five minutes. These coffee makers also require coffee beans to be soaked in hot water for a long period.  It takes around 15 minutes to brew a whole 20-ounce carafe of coffee. 

3. It takes 20 to 30 seconds to brew coffee in an espresso machine. 

Espresso machines brew and produce concentrated coffee called espresso by forcing pressurized water near boiling point through a “puck”, or used filter coffee grounds, of ground coffee and a filter.  These machines brew one or two shots at a time with each shot containing about one ounce and does not require a great amount of time to make. Contact time between water and coffee is about 20 to 30 seconds in an espresso machine. 

4. It takes 30 seconds to one minute to brew coffee in a Nespresso machine. 

Nespresso machines produce small quantities of coffee, about one to two shots at a time, just like espresso machines. These machines heat water in as fast as three seconds and with a pressure that speeds up coffee extractions, it only takes more or less a minute to brew coffee.

5. It takes five to 10 minutes to brew coffee in a percolator. 

Percolators brew coffee using a pot where boiling water is circulated through a tiny chamber that holds the ground coffee beans. Stove percolators take about five minutes to brew coffee while electric-powered ones take about seven to 10 minutes to do the task. 

6. It takes about four minutes to brew in a French Press coffee maker.

French Press coffee makers use a manual brewing method and coffee has a rich and flavorful taste. You need to have water boiling before placing it on the press pot and allowing the mixture to steep for around four minutes. 

7. It takes about two to two and a half minutes to brew coffee in an Aeropress. 

Aeropress machines have a shorter brewing time compared to French press machines taking around two to two and a half minutes. The coffee from these machines has no grit or grounds compared to the latter. The taste is more mellow but still strong and flavorful. 

Why does it take so long for the coffee to brew?

If your coffee machine seems to be slowing down this could be because your machine is getting dingy and dirty. Tap water commonly used in making coffee can leave calcium and mineral deposits. This results in clogs and blockage, making your machine slow.  

To clean it, run a vinegar and water solution at a one-to-one ratio through your coffee maker. Schedule to brew a full 12 cups, which is six cups vinegar and six cups water. After you are done with this, run two full cycles of plain water.  Repeat the process every 40 to 80 brews, depending on the frequency of mineral buildup. 

If you have already cleaned the machine but the problem continues, you may have a clogged valve. What you can do is to take out the valve, wash it thoroughly and place it back in the correct direction. 

What does it take to brew coffee?

Coffee brewing is a process that allows for the extraction of coffee flavors, oils and other components.

Under-extraction is when a coffee maker brews coffee quickly. Hot water and coffee did not have enough time for proper extraction to happen. Coffee is acidic, tasteless and has a light color. Usually, the culprit is that not enough coffee grounds were used.

On the other hand, over-extraction occurs when hot water and coffee have more than enough time for proper extraction to happen. Coffee is bitter, strong and has a dark color. This may happen if brewing with the use of a  percolator or the French press so you have to take extra caution with balancing water and coffee if using these methods.

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