How To Keep French Press Coffee Hot?

How To Keep French Press Coffee Hot

Is it always a struggle to keep your French Press coffee hot? Coffee is meant to be enjoyed hot except if you’re a fan of the ice-cold kind. In this article, we try to find out some great hacks on how to keep your coffee hot.

How to keep French Press coffee hot?

The most important thing for keeping your French Press coffee hot is not to let the coffee sit for too long in the coffee maker after the brewing process is complete. If you allow your coffee to sit for too long in the brewer it will not only get cold but also continue to brew resulting in bitter flavors and over-extraction. The bitter flavors tend to overpower the flavor notes of the coffee beans and could ruin your perfect cup of brew. 

So where should you put the coffee from the French Press to keep it hot?

1. Place your coffee into a thermos.

A thermos keeps beverages hot because of the vacuum that keeps heat from escaping. If you place your coffee in it, the thermos helps prevent heat loss and will keep your coffee from your French Press hot for a long period. 

2. Transfer your coffee to a double-walled carafe.

Another way to keep your French Press coffee hot is to transfer it to a double-walled carafe. It is a glass container with no handles and is used for serving wine and other drinks. It does not include stoppers and it is usually used to serve water in France. Coffee pots that are included in coffee makers are also called carafes in America. 

3. Use a thermal mug for your coffee. 

Thermal mugs have a thermally-induced vacuum that allows drinks like coffee to stay hot for hours. However, they should not be washed with a dishwasher and it is advisable to hand wash them. 

4. Use a smart mug. 

You can also keep your French Press coffee hot by using or placing it in a smart mug. This kind of mug knows when it contains liquid and when it is empty.  It has light indicators on the base and a solid white light means the desired temperature has been reached while red and green lights indicate full or low battery levels respectively. 

5. Use a USB mug warmer. 

The USB mug warmer usually comes with a mug. It keeps beverages like coffee desirably hot but does not get too hot if you accidentally touch it.  Enjoy your flavorful cup of joe although it’s been sitting there for two hours already. 

6. Put your already cooled coffee in the microwave.

Some coffee enthusiasts reheat their coffee in the microwave, no-frills, no hassles. However, this is far from ideal since reheating coffee can ruin its flavor and reorganize its chemical makeup. The original taste is lost and the microwave breaks down the aroma as well. 

Some coffee enthusiasts state that while they are heating the water for the coffee, they fill the French Press with hot water. Once they are ready to add the water for the coffee and the coffee grinds, they dump out the hot water from the press and add the ingredients for the coffee brewing process. This helps bring the glass to a warmer temperature and keeps the French Press coffee hot longer. 

Can you reheat French Press coffee?

Yes, you can reheat French Press coffee but it is not recommended. If you made too much coffee earlier, reheating is not a good idea. The coffee’s flavor profile will change since heat extracts the nutrients and oils from it.

The extraction happens during the brewing process when the coffee is produced. If you reheat the coffee, it is basically a second extraction taking away more of the nutrients and oils. This makes coffee taste bitter or sour. 

To prevent any instance of reheating and suffering from coffee that tastes off, you should only brew just enough for your use. If you want to brew more than a cup, opt for a metal French Press as it tends to retain heat more. However, metal French Press coffee makers require preheating of water.


You do not have to suffer from cold or stale coffee each time you make French Press coffee. Transfer your coffee to a double-walled carafe or thermos to keep your coffee hot. You can also use a thermal mug, a smart or a USB mug warmer. 

Image: / Wachiwit