How to Make Coffee Less Acidic?

How to Make Coffee Less Acidic?

Coffee is a well-loved beverage all over the world but it is not for everyone. Some claim to have palpitations and heartburn when they drink it while others have sensitive stomachs or acid reflux. However, this should not deter people from enjoying a flavorful cup of joe. Read on and get to know what steps to do so that coffee becomes less acidic and tolerable for people with health concerns. 

How to make coffee less acidic?

Here are some things that you can do to make coffee less acidic:

1. Choose a less acidic coffee roast. 

To make coffee less acidic, opt for a less acidic coffee roast such as a dark roast. This type of roast goes through a longer roasting time under intense heat which removes various coffee compounds and acids. Light roasts are more acidic due to the malic acid that remains, unlike dark roasts where a huge portion of organic acids are removed during the roasting process. 

2. Use Arabica beans that are grown in low-elevation areas. 

Arabica beans tend to be less acidic and also contain lower caffeine content. These beans contain around 1.5% caffeine content while Robusta beans have 2.7% caffeine content. The growing conditions of the coffee beans are equally vital in determining their level of acidity. The mineral content of the soil and being in a high elevation area can also contribute to a more acidic coffee. 

Countries such as Ethiopia and Peru that have volcanic soil tend to yield acidic coffee beans while some areas in Brazil and Indonesia tend to produce less acidic coffee beans. Also, wet-processed coffee beans tend to be more acidic compared to dry-processed coffee beans that have a stronger body. 

3. Opt for a cold brew coffee drink. 

Cold brewing is a gradual and slow process that can take up to a day and is usually prepared in advance.  Soaking coffee in cold water tends to avoid over-extraction of the organic acids as opposed to brewing with hot water wherein acids are easily extracted.  Coffee tends to become more or less 70% less acidic with cold brewing but you need patience before you can enjoy it since it requires steeping the mixture overnight.

Here is how to make a Starbucks-style cold brew coffee at home:

  • First, grind the coffee beans until it becomes a coarse grind. 
  • Next, combine the ground coffee and two quarts of water in a jar.
  • Make sure to stir the mixture until well-blended. 
  • Steep the coffee overnight inside the refrigerator. 
  • Strain the coffee concentrate the next morning. 
  • Transfer the cold brew to an airtight jar for future use. 
  • To make a cup of iced brew,  fill one cup with ice cubes, place one-half cupful of the cold brew concentrate and add a half cup of cold water. Add sweet cream if you prefer and stir well to combine. Enjoy your iced coffee!

4. Add eggshells to the coffee ground before brewing. 

Before you brew the coffee grounds, add one to two well-rinsed, fresh and crushed eggshells. They are alkaline and help to neutralize the acids. They also help make the coffee less bitter. See to it that a filter is in place so that pieces of the eggshells won’t flow into the brew. 

5. Choose AeroPress and drip brewing methods.

For a less acidic cup of brew,  opt for brewing methods like drip brewing or AeroPress. These brewing methods tend to have less acidity compared to other methods like the French Press especially when utilizing a coarser grind. High water temperature also extracts more acids, making coffee more acidic.  

6. Add milk or cream to your coffee. 

Another way to make coffee less acidic is to add milk or cream to your cup of joe to neutralize the acidity.  Calcium in dairy products balances the coffee’s pH level and makes it less acidic. This may be effective only if you are using dark roast coffee beans. 

Aside from those measures mentioned above, you can also make your coffee less acidic by using a paper filter, adding a dash of salt, using hard water, adding a small amount of baking soda, using raw or unprocessed sugar and adding acid reducers to your coffee. 


Having a sensitive stomach or acid reflux could hinder some people from indulging in a relaxing cup of coffee. Thankfully, there are ways to make coffee less acidic. Opt for cold brew coffee and brewing methods like the AeroPress, use Arabica coffee beans and choose dark roast coffee. Other means to make coffee less acidic is to add milk or cream and use paper filters. 

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