Making Coffee With Alkaline Water

Making Coffee With Alkaline Water

If you prefer piping hot coffee over a cold brew but tend to have acid reflux, you could be getting yourself in harm’s way. Thankfully, there are ways to still enjoy hot coffee without the fear of heartburn. Making coffee with alkaline water is said to balance out the pH level of coffee grounds. Read on and let us get to know the truth behind this matter.

Making coffee with alkaline water: Will it make my coffee better?

Yes, alkaline water makes your coffee better-tasting because of the magnesium and calcium minerals. These minerals aid in extracting the remarkable flavors of coffee. They also affect the fruity flavors, body, acidity and sweetness. Alkaline water cuts down the bitterness and brings out the full richness of coffee.

Will alkaline water reduce the acidity of coffee?

Yes, alkaline water is said to reduce the acidity of coffee by balancing out the pH of coffee grounds to pH 5.  Alkaline water has a pH level of above 7 and the coffee brew becomes less acidic while the citric taste will be overpowered by the flavor notes.  

Alkaline water also has higher oxygen percentage and allows your blood to flow through the body while neutralizing excess acid buildup. Aside from magnesium and calcium, it contains potassium and silica which results in changes to the flavor and body of your coffee.

Alkaline refers to the pH level of your water. The pH level is a numbered guide to let you know the acidity or alkalinity from a scale of zero to 14. The pH seven is neutral, lesser than seven is acidic and pH greater than seven is alkaline or basic. 

What are the factors that increase coffee acidity?

These are the factors that could increase coffee acidity:

1. The roasting process 

The process with which coffee beans are roasted affects coffee acidity. A lighter roast leaves more of the coffee bean oils making it acidic while a darker roast is less acidic. A longer roast tends to have lesser acidity since acid from the oils is extracted.

2. The brew temperature and time 

Cold brew coffee is believed to contain less acid compared to hot brew since it releases less of the coffee bean oils.  A shorter length of brewing time is also believed to be more acidic compared to a longer brewing time.   

3. The coffee grounds

Coffee beans with a finer grind such as with espresso tend to be acidic compared to coarse coffee grounds. The finer coffee particles indicate that water extraction releases more of the acids into the brew while coarse coffee grounds are less acidic because the acids are not thoroughly released.

How To Get Alkaline Water?

To make water with a higher alkaline level you have to add alkalizing agents such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and silica. Another good agent is the bicarbonate of soda. You can also purchase an alkaline filter jug so you have available alkaline water each time you want to prepare coffee. 

Does alkaline water stay as is when boiled?

Yes, alkaline water stays as is when boiled due to the micro-clustering of water molecules. 

What is the downside of alkaline water?

Alkaline water could result in an increased scaling on appliances such as the coffee maker. Always check beforehand if alkaline water is safe to use for your specific brewer. 

Health benefits of alkaline water

These are the known health benefits of alkaline water:

  • It prevents excessive acids that could lead to acid reflux or indigestion. 
  • It lowers caffeine content.
  • It has anti-aging properties through liquid antioxidants that are easily absorbed by the body. 
  • It has colon-cleansing properties. 
  • It supports the immune system. 
  • It has hydrating, skin health and detoxifying properties. 
  • It promotes weight loss. 
  • It provides cancer resistance.
  • It lowers the cholesterol level. 
  • It protects against heart disease.
  • It controls blood pressure and blood sugar. 
  • It prevents degenerative diseases like rheumatism. 
  • It promotes healthy blood circulation and cell regeneration. 
  • It has detoxifying properties. 
  • It relieves headaches and reduces fatigue. 
  • It increases memory concentration. 
  • It reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes. 


Enjoy your daily dose of heaven by making coffee with alkaline water. It is a healthier take when indulging in a cup of joe since it is easy on your tummy.  Alkaline water reduces the acidity of coffee since it balances out the pH of coffee grounds. It also makes your coffee better-tasting since it brings out the rich flavors because of its mineral content. 

Image: / Fabián Ponce