Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Light Stays On

Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Light Stays On

Are you confused why the clean light of your Ninja coffee machine stays on? You have already gone through the manual to check the matter and even consulted some online sources but still, the problem persists. 

Ninja coffee bar clean light stays on: What to do?

The Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Light may stay on for the following reasons:

1. Examine if the Ninja coffee bar is clean. 

Keeping the machine clean should always be a priority.  If the clean light stays on, it could be an indication that there is dirt buildup. Check and see if there are any dirt deposits in the brew basket, carafe or water reservoir.  It is usually in the form of chalky white buildup due to the mineral left-overs in the water. 

These minerals can clog the connections of your Ninja coffee maker. The water will not be able to flow freely and the coffee tastes off. If this is the case, it may be time for a deep cleaning cycle. Needless to say, the clean light button lights up when the coffee machine senses calcium and other mineral deposits. 

2. It is a reminder that you should run a cleaning cycle. 

The clean light may be staying on because the machine needs a thorough cleanup. Wipe the exterior of the coffee machine with a soft sponge or cloth. Next, place some descaling solution or plain white vinegar into the empty water reservoir. Add some water and place the carafe under the empty brew basket,  choose the “full carafe” size and push the cleaning button. 

The descaling process takes about 60 minutes to complete. Do not turn the machine off or unplug it until the process is complete as interruption during the cycle could cause the cleaning light to stay on. Upon completion of the cycle rinse the carafe, water reservoir and brew basket thoroughly. Fill to the maximum line with water and run a regular brew cycle to rinse out the remaining descaling solution. 

Here is the step-by-step process to clean the machine:

  • First, press the clean (CLN)  button on the machine. 
  • The CLN light turns on and gives you time for cleaning which is about one hour. 
  • Once it is complete, the panel light changes from CLN  to FLUSH. 
  • Remove the filter, carafe and reservoir and rinse them then fill the reservoir with fresh water. 
  • Press the CLN button again and the machine will run fresh water through the system to flush and clean out the vinegar. 
  • Finally, once the flush is done the display will return to clock mode and the clean light should now be off.  

3. Unplug the machine and reset it.

If you have already cleaned the machine but the light stays on, try to unplug and reset it. Wait for at least five minutes, plug again and reset the clock. At this time the cleaning indicator should be off. You have to set up the machine again since unplugging it resets the brew timers.

4. Call the experts. 

If the clean light stays on after the intensive cleaning and system resetting, it may be time to call the experts. Also, check the warranty that comes with the device and see if your unit is still covered. 

Cleaning your coffee machine is crucial and to prevent issues like a clean light that stays on you have to clean the Ninja machine monthly. 

Other Ninja Coffee Bar problems 

Here are other problems that you may encounter with your coffee machine:

1. It is not brewing full carafe. 

Solution: Double-check the brew size and type. See that there is enough water in the reservoir. If the problem persists, the machine may have to be cleaned. 

2. The machine keeps shutting off or stops brewing. 

Solution: Check to make sure you selected the right brew. Try to unplug and restart the machine. If the issue is not resolved, the Ninja may need to be cleaned. 

3. Water is leaking from the machine. 

Solution: Fill water only up to the line indicated on the reservoir. 

4. It is beeping five times.

Solution: Make sure the filtering mechanism is pushed back in while the drip stop should be open all the way.  The beeping may be an indication that settings need to be adjusted. 

5. The machine is not brewing great-tasting coffee anymore. 

Solution: Firs, try to adjust the amount of coffee grounds. It may also be due to the coffee brand. Opt for filtered or distilled water as it may also be the culprit why the coffee tastes bad.

6. There is overflowing in the carafe, mug or cup. 

Solution: Make sure the cup you choose can handle the selected brew size. 

7. There are grounds in the cup or carafe.

Solution: Use a cone paper filter and make sure the grind size is not too fine to avoid sediments in your cup. 


It is common to encounter problems with your Ninja coffee machine once in a while. If the clean light stays on it may be due to dirt buildup in the machine, thus, it should be cleaned monthly. To fix the issue, you may also have to unplug and reset the machine.  

Image: / Zephyr18