Aeropress Mocha

Aeropress Mocha

If you are a coffeeholic but also have a sweet tooth, mocha is your soulmate! Mocha latte or cafe mocha is a regular latte, which is coffee made of espresso and steamed milk, but with a sweet surprise: chocolate syrup or cocoa powder! You can also get creative with this drink. So, buckle up and let us see how to whip up this heavenly fix. 

How to make Aeropress mocha?

These are the ingredients for making mocha with Aeropress:

  • Two deciliters of water
  • Two scoops of fine/medium grind coffee 
  • One tablespoon of cocoa 
  • Two tablespoons of sugar 
  • One cup of warm milk to top off the cup 
  • Whipped cream (optional) 

Here are the steps on how to make Aeropress mocha:

  1. Prepare espresso with the aeropress
  2. Heat the milk in the microwave. 
  3. Prepare the mug for your mocha. 
  4. Add the espresso, sugar and cocoa to the mug. 
  5. Pour warm milk into the coffee latte mixture. 
  6. Top with whipped cream (optional).

Some mocha fans prefer chocolate syrup and chocolate flavoring while some like to put dark or milk chocolate. The basic cafe mocha is also referred to as hot chocolate with a shot of espresso added. Some mocha lovers top it with a dusting of cinnamon, cocoa powder or marshmallows.  

These are the variants of mocha:

White cafe mocha 

It is made with white chocolate instead of milk. A variant of this is by mixing two syrups. Other names for this variant is black and white mocha, marble mocha, tan mocha, zebra mocha and tuxedo mocha. 


It is made of a double espresso shot with a combination of steamed milk and cocoa powder or chocolate milk. Both the white mocha and mochaccino can have chocolate syrup, whipped cream and toppings like nutmeg, chocolate sprinkles or cinnamon. 

Coffee-base mocha 

This variant is a combination of coffee, steamed milk and added chocolate. This mocha is the same as a cup of coffee mixed with hot chocolate.  

Other milk-based coffee drinks aside from mocha 

Here are other milk-based coffee drinks:


It is one of the popular coffee drinks worldwide. It is made of a double shot of espresso and equal parts of steamed milk and milk foam. The taste is stronger than most milk-based coffee since there is less steamed milk to dilute the espresso. 


It is called a stained or marked espresso and made of a shot of espresso with a blob of milk. The Italian version uses less milk than the North American one. The former is marked with milk foam while the latter uses an ounce or two of milk. Fans of this drink experiment with different ratios to come up with their perfect mix. 


This coffee drink is made of two ounces of espresso and 10 ounces of steamed milk. 

Flat white 

It is quite similar to a latte since it also has espresso and steamed milk although with different ratios. It is stronger than the normal latte since the espresso is concentrated and less diluted by the milk and milk foam. 

 Best cocoa powder for a mocha 

 Here is a list of our recommended cocoa powder for  a mocha:

1. Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder 2.2 lbs. 

  • Ideal for confectionery coverings, mousses, ice creams and sorbets. 
  • Made by the renowned chocolatiers of Europe.
  • 100% cocoa and premium quality cocoa powder 

2. Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa | 3 lb. | Baking & Dessert

  • It is used to create superior quality baking products that have deep flavor and smooth texture. 
  • 100% all-natural
  • It is made with real chocolate. 
  • Proudly made in the USA.

3. Viva Naturals Certified Organic Cacao Powder (2lb) for Smoothie, Coffee and Drink Mixes

  • It has a rich taste and bold chocolate flavor without additives that are often found in processed treats. 
  • Derived from prized Criollo cacao beans.
  • It is packed with powerful compounds and antioxidants. 
  • Non-GMO and certified organic. 


Aeropress mocha is easy to prepare and all you need are ground coffee, milk and cocoa powder. This popular milk-based coffee drink is similar to a latte except that it also contains chocolate syrup or cocoa powder. Whip up one by following the instructions above and enjoy your sweet cup of mocha heaven. 

Image: / Rabizo