Quick & Easy Iced Coffee with the Aeropress

Iced Coffee

While a nice hot cup of coffee can be a nice warm treat on a winter morning, the same cup might be completely undesirable during a summer afternoon. Iced coffee is very easy to make with the AeroPress® coffee maker. The Aeropress brews a delicious cup of iced coffee very quickly, and for only about $25.

If you are a stranger to this wonderful coffee maker, you are in for a treat. The Aeropress uses a simple plunging mechanism to push water through a filter located in the cap of the Aeropress. We have articles on a couple different brewing methods. We cover both standard brewing and inverted brewing. Normally the coffee is dispensed into a cup placed below the brewer. For creating our iced coffee this will be the same, except the cup will be filled with ice.

Keep reading to learn how to create the perfect cup of iced coffee in under 2 minutes!

Brewing Methods for Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is brewed in one of two ways, either a hot brew or a cold brew. Lets discuss the differences between the two brewing methods.

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Cold brewed coffee is a slow brewed coffee that is never heated.


  • The coffee produced is a stable brew because of its concentrated nature. This enables the brew to be saved for up to two weeks.
  • You can cold brew coffee in bulk and save it for quick and easy iced coffee.


  • The cold brew doesn’t have the same complex taste as a hot brewed cup of coffee.
  • The coffee takes up around 12 hours to brew.

Hot Brewed Iced Coffee

The hot brew method involves brewing your coffee hot and then cooling with ice immediately after.


  • Hot brewed coffee finds a big advantage in its flavor. The higher temperature pulls the over 1000 compounds from the coffee grind. This process creates a rich and vibrant taste.
  • The brewing process is much quicker using hot brewed coffee to create your iced drink.


  • These wonderful, complex flavors deteriorate quickly as the coffee is cooled.
  • Pouring hot water over ice to quickly cool it can water down the coffee.

Aeropress Iced Coffee Method

The Aeropress coffee maker shows its strengths when brewing iced coffee. It takes some of the more favorable parts of hot and cold brewing and combines them into one powerful little iced coffee brewer.


  • The coffee is brewed hot and thus creates a complex and delicious cup of coffee.
  • The coffee produced is a concentrated form which will be more stable than a diluted hot brew.
  • The Aeropress creates iced coffee very quickly. Roughly 2 minutes from start to finish.


  • The Aeropress does not create a large volume of coffee at once.

How to Brew Iced Coffee with the Aeropress

As mentioned above, we are brewing a delicious iced coffee by creating a concentrate with the Aeropress. This means that we need to use an adjusted water to coffee ground ratio.

Lets use a ratio of 24g of coffee per 2.5oz of water. This means we will be using two scoops of ground coffee with just under two shots of water. Use this ratio to create as little or as much brewed concentrate as you need.

We will also be steeping for 90 seconds, which will create a delicious concentrate for our iced coffee.

  • Fill a Cup with Ice
    1. Fill a Cup with Ice
  • Ready the Aeropress Inverted
    2. Ready the Aeropress for Inverted Brewing
  • Add the Coffee Grounds
    3. Add the Coffee Grounds
  • Inverted Aeropress Steep
    4. Add Water and Steep
  • Inverted Cap and Filter
    5. Attach Cap with Filter
  • Aeropress on Glass
    6. Place Aeropress on Glass
  • Plunge
    7. Plunge Concentrate into Glass
  • Add Milk & Sweetener
    8. Add Milk and Sweetener as Desired
  • Stir & Enjoy
    9. Stir & Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Iced Coffee with the Aeropress”

  1. Why is the water 100 oz? That corresponds to about 3L of water. Even with 10 oz that corresponds to 300 mL. Is this correct?

  2. I don’t want to get on a metric high horse… but this all becomes much clearer if you stick to metric.

    2.5 oz of water is about 74ml of water. 74ml of water is the same as 74g (because that’s how the metric system was set up).

    So your ratio is 24g of coffee to 74g of water. Seems a lot clearer using the same units.

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